Recommended Post-Op

Recovery Houses

Dr. Balza’s practice recommends some of the best recovery homes in Tijuana with post-surgical care facilities designed to provide 24/7 support, all-inclusive services, comfortable certified amenities, and the most professional care to help you focus on recovering from your plastic surgery process.

*Disclaimer: Dr. Balza is NOT affiliated in any way with these recovery houses, and only recommends them as an option for your post-surgery recovery. You can also do your own research to find the option you feel most comfortable with.


The post-operative care service allows you to keep your procedures confidential while you recover in the comfort of a recovery home.


The best way that you can heal and recover after your plastic surgery procedure and to get yourself ready to go back home.


The recovery houses are the one-stop for all your needs including 24-hour nursing care, free wifi, and all meals with drinks.


About these Houses

Post-operative recovery homes offer the most luxurious and personalized recovery services in Tijuana, Mexico. These luxurious boutique homes promote a warm, positive and friendly environment while providing personalized attention 24 hours a day, including services and amenities that facilitate your speedy recovery and attend to all your needs.

Next, here are some recommendations (in random order) for your post-surgery recovery if you come with a companion for your surgery.

Deluxe recovery

About the Services

A group of experts in hospitality and customer service specialists in postoperative recovery. They have a staff of collaborators made up of chefs, nutritionists, cosmetologists, drivers, cleaning support teams and nurses specializing in the care of postoperative patients in plastic surgeries that will guarantee that your stay and recovery exceed your expectations.

If you are having trouble finding a place to stay, please let us know ASAP to help you find a place you are happy with. This step should be done prior to coming to Tijuana for your surgery.

*From Casa by Linda: our mission is to provide a seamless extension of the patient’s excellent experience and results with their surgeon. From your arrival to your departure, our team will do all we can to ensure you have a relaxing, safe and comfortable stay. We will be with you every minute for all your recovery needs. We offset your anxiety about being an international medical tourist with gated recovery houses in safe communities.

*From Bella Recovery House: we promote a warm, positive and friendly environment while providing 24/7 care that includes services and amenities that facilitate your recovery and restore your health in no time. Our services are tailored with great attention to detail, so we can help our guests recuperate through compassionate, professional and friendly care. We know that our dolls need to feel uplifted and positive while being pampered in our comfortable settings.

*From Excellence Recovery: once the surgery is over, the first 48 to 72 hours after surgery are critical and require special care and attention. Patients need to recover before heading back home, Excellence Recovery is the place to do so. We want to make your recovery as pleasant and speedy as possible. We do provide outstanding customer service from the time you request your quote to the time you land safely back at your home destination.

*From Phoenix Recovery Home: after cosmetic surgery, you will need help, we are here to accompany you in your recovery process. We are the place where you can rest quietly after your surgery, be treated like a queen, and where you’ll have good company. In Phoenix Recovery Home you never feel bored, our services include, wifi, tv, table games and much more. We gonna be your home while you recover.

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